• About us

pARTs Jewelry is high-quality jewelry that simultaneously promotes the idea of ecological sensitivity. Each element has been created in the spirit of upcycling. This is our interpretation of transforming unused car parts into everyday jewelry.


Who are we?

ppARTs Jewelry is Joanna Karlik-Knocińska and Julia Knocińska – mother and daughter, jewelry enthusiasts, admirers of Swedish minimalism, and automotive aficionados.

The creation of pARTs Jewelry was inspired by the tranquility of the Scandinavians and their immense responsibility and care for the world around us. Currently, in Sweden, 99.5% of all waste is processed, with only 0.5% ending up in landfills. The key to this success lies in the belief that waste is not a problem but something valuable.

"Drawer project"

Many times we heard the questions "Where did this idea come from?" "Why jewelry?" "How did this project come about?" – the answer is very simple, it was an impulse. This is not a project with a long and meticulously prepared business strategy, not created by a team of brand creators. We simply felt the need for it. However, before it came to fruition, a lot of time passed because initially, we didn't want to share it with anyone. We had to answer questions for ourselves: Does it make sense? What kind of idea is this? Who would want to wear jewelry made from used car parts? And finally: who will buy it? After all, the first association doesn't make the best impression, so the idea of creating jewelry was tucked away in the drawer of our desk for many months.



The first projects of pARTs Jewelry.

"We will never forget the looks of technicians and mechanics. Two women, to put it plainly, searching through scrap for elements with which they would create jewelry.

This didn't discourage us; on the contrary, we broke down larger components into smaller ones, and before our eyes, true jewelry gems emerged – integrated circuits, seals, valves, or wiring harnesses. That's how the first jewelry pieces were created, literally a few pendants and bracelets, which hold sentimental significance for us.




The mission of pARTs Jewelry.
Our mission is to raise awareness and remind women that they are most beautiful when they are themselves – regardless of the situation. Our jewelry subtly highlights natural feminine beauty, serving as a unique addition to any style.

Today, pARTs Jewelry encompasses several collections, each with its own meaning, using entirely different elements from Volvo cars in its production. What's remarkable is that over these few years, the project continues to surprise, even us. Collaborating on jewelry with small jewelers' workshops brings us great pleasure. We always jointly define the character of the collection, its color scheme, and determine the diversity of elements. It is a tremendous joy for us when we see how genuine craftsmanship, artistic jewelry, emerges from tiny, often incredibly mechanical components.

Explore the world of pARTs and see how these unique ornaments seamlessly integrate into your daily life.



Discover how unique each aspect of human nature is – unparalleled and captivating. Explore the idea that even imperfect elements deserve exceptional framing and treatment. We craft pARTs Jewelry in line with the concept of upcycling, ensuring that used car parts, once unnoticed and deemed unnecessary by others, gain new life in unique embellishments. Uncover the process of creating jewelry that seamlessly fits into the imperfect lives of women and men across Poland.
Discover, in parts.