pARTs Jewelry is a high-quality jewelry brand that simultaneously promotes the idea of ecological sensitivity. Each element has been created in the spirit of upcycling. This is our interpretation of transforming unused car parts into everyday jewelry. Explore all our collections designed for both women and men, crafted from recycled automotive components..

Discover how unique each aspect of human nature is – unparalleled and enchanting. Explore the idea that even imperfect elements deserve exceptional presentation and treatment. We create pARTs Jewelry in line with the concept of upcycling, ensuring that used car parts, once unnoticed and deemed unnecessary by others, gain new life in unique adornments. Explore how jewelry is crafted to seamlessly fit into the imperfect lives of women and men across Poland.
Explore, in parts.

Stationary points

Showroom Volvo Stary Browar

st. Półwiejska 42

61-888 Poznań

+48 664 109 327

Opening hours

Monday – Saturday  9 am - 9 pm

*also open in shopping Sundays

Salon Volvo Firma Karlik Franowo

st. Torowa 14

61-315 Poznań

(61) 872 90 61


Opening hours

Monday – Friday 8 am - 6 pm

Saturday 9 am -2 pm